Rt 38 BBQ

How To Cook Ribs

how to cook ribs

Ribs! All barbeque fans want that, but the way they want it varies greatly. Some want them to fall off the bone, some want them oven braised and roasted, some want to use a charcoal grill, and some want them smoked, but whatever way you want them, rest assured it’s not all that difficult to […]

How to BBQ Corn?


We’re as corny as Kansas, aren’t you? Great sweet corn is as much a labor of love as smoking meats. Know your product, its quality, how to prepare it, season it, and how to cook it to get the best possible results. This information will give you more tools for your toolbox in producing the […]

BBQ Sauce Questions

bbq sauce

Once upon a time, everyone made their food, at home or in a communal kitchen. Today, most people are looking to save time and energy, so they purchase ready-to-eat meals at the grocery store, through subscription services, or, at restaurants. The takeaway is, to understand where and what you are buying. Read labels, search FAQs, […]

Where Did BBQ Originate

pulled pork

Barbecuing has taken many shapes and forms over the centuries but if we want to understand the birthplace of barbequing, we must turn back the page to the early 15th century when Spanish explorers first visited the West Indies. Their tales of adventure are abound with references to barbacoa. Barbacoa being the word for meat […]

The Sauce Is The Side, Not The Main Course

bbq sauces

When it comes to BBQ, the smoked proteins need to be the star of the show, sauces are the addition to compliment them. Too often, you can only taste the sweetness, spices, or other flavors in those liquid luxuries, and you lose the reason you go to a smokehouse anyway. You go to get the […]

Are Ribs Beef or Pork?

ribs in sauce

Hey Pitmaster! Are ribs beef or pork? Hey Flatlander! They’re both! There are also alligator ribs, venison, and pretty much anything with a ribcage. But for the purpose of this blog, we’ll stick with the original question. Now, you may ask yourself, which is better when it comes to ribs? We’re here to tell you […]

Free Tasting Event

Brisket at Free Tasting Event in Glen Ellyn, IL

The new Rt 38 BBQ located at Pickwick Place Shopping Center is already a hit with the neighborhood, thanks in part to their Grand Opening revisions. The restaurant has added additional seating and changed up some menu items based on customer feedback. To thank the neighborhood for their continued support and to share their new […]


rib tips

The finest meats, seasoned with the best ingredients and loving patience as the  Maillard reaction takes place. That is what sets smoked meats apart from other deli and quick service restaurants. Smokehouses and BBQ shacks commit to preparing their meats in the old fashioned way. Time and skill are needed to consistently prepare their products, […]

Being saucy.

Ribs in bbq sauce

There is a wealth of different regional BBQ sauces available to everyone today, you just need to understand what your pallet enjoys to make the best choice for your smoked meats. Alabama is a white sauce, mayonnaise-based. Great for poultry and sandwiches. North Carolina gets two distinct styles, cider vinegar with plenty of spicy heat. […]

Just the tips.

burnt ends

One of the most underrated BBQ favorites, in my humble opinion, are the most flavorful cut of ribs available. Taken from the sparerib rack, these morsels of fat and meat are the sweetest and most tender of all the rib styles. They smoke cleanly and quickly, staying moist and satisfying. We do not sauce our […]