Rt 38 BBQ

Being saucy.

There is a wealth of different regional BBQ sauces available to everyone today, you just need to understand what your pallet enjoys to make the best choice for your smoked meats.

Alabama is a white sauce, mayonnaise-based. Great for poultry and sandwiches.

North Carolina gets two distinct styles, cider vinegar with plenty of spicy heat. Great for whole-hog pork. They also have a ketchup and brown sugar sauce that uses cider vinegar as a starting point. Good for a table sauce.

South Carolina gets a tangy mustard sauce, a delight with pork, poultry, and beef. 

Kansas City is what most people recognize as the typical BBQ sauce. Tomato or Ketchup based, with plenty of brown sugar, molasses, or both and smoky goodness. 

St. Louis kicks this up with the addition of vinegar for a sweet and sour punch.

Oklahoma looks to complement beef brisket with a ketchup and Worchestershire-based sauce that packs tangy flavors.

Nashville is a smokier cross-breed of K.C. and the ketchup-based North Carolina sauces.

Texas hits it with their use of meat drippings and other bold flavors like cumin, hot peppers, chili powder, minced garlic and Worcestershire.  

We like to feature our meats so our sauces are always served on the side.

See you at Rt. 38 BBQ, soon.

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