Rt 38 BBQ

Are Ribs Beef or Pork?

ribs in sauce

Hey Pitmaster! Are ribs beef or pork? Hey Flatlander! They’re both! There are also alligator ribs, venison, and pretty much anything with a ribcage. But for the purpose of this blog, we’ll stick with the original question. Now, you may ask yourself, which is better when it comes to ribs? We’re here to tell you […]

Free Tasting Event

Brisket at Free Tasting Event in Glen Ellyn, IL

The new Rt 38 BBQ located at Pickwick Place Shopping Center is already a hit with the neighborhood, thanks in part to their Grand Opening revisions. The restaurant has added additional seating and changed up some menu items based on customer feedback. To thank the neighborhood for their continued support and to share their new […]


rib tips

The finest meats, seasoned with the best ingredients and loving patience as the  Maillard reaction takes place. That is what sets smoked meats apart from other deli and quick service restaurants. Smokehouses and BBQ shacks commit to preparing their meats in the old fashioned way. Time and skill are needed to consistently prepare their products, […]


pulled pork

Being a chef is more than knowing how to cook.  Being a chef means you are efficient in many areas including, controlling costs, controlling staff, inventory, consistency, marketing, communicating, forecasting, innovation, promotions, competitive analysis, pivot management, and an unending myriad of additional disciplines. Being a Pitmaster for a smokehouse adds another level of torment to […]