Rt 38 BBQ

Free Tasting Event

The new Rt 38 BBQ located at Pickwick Place Shopping Center is already a hit with the neighborhood, thanks in part to their Grand Opening revisions. The restaurant has added additional seating and changed up some menu items based on customer feedback.

To thank the neighborhood for their continued support and to share their new flavors, they are hosting a free tasting May 14, 2022 from 2pm-4pm. Each guest will receive a tasting plate where they can choose from with several meat selections and delicious sides. There will also be a Sauce Bar to try all the sweet, savory and spicy BBQ sauces.

Additionally, for each attendee there will be an opportunity to win a prize and/or be entered into a raffle for a variety of fun items including a grand prize of Rt 38 BBQ’s Smokehouse Catering Tray that includes brisket, pulled pork, pulled chicken, burnt ends, mashed potatoes and smokehouse gravy.

Speaking about the tasting, Owner Dan Veles said, “It has been incredible to be embraced by the community. We are excited to share the changes we have made and introduce our new flavors not only to existing customers, but to the larger community as well. We can’t wait to interact with more neighbors in a fun event setting.”

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