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Where Did BBQ Originate

Barbecuing has taken many shapes and forms over the centuries but if we want to understand the birthplace of barbequing, we must turn back the page to the early 15th century when Spanish explorers first visited the West Indies. Their tales of adventure are abound with references to barbacoa. Barbacoa being the word for meat cooked on a wooden grate. Since then, barbeque has morphed into regional tastes throughout the Americas. 

After the revolutionary war barbecuing became a favorite of George Washington, his diaries are filled with recounts of barbeques and one that even lasted 3 days! What a feast. With all the hullabaloo surrounding barbecuing it was only right that a lawman in the colony of Virginia passed a law in 1650 forbidding guns to be fired while attending a barbeque. When President Abraham Lincolns parents where married, there wedding guests were served succulent meats from a barbeque. BBQ, some may argue, is more American than apple pie.

What do Henry Ford and Thomas Edison Have to do With Grilling?

Barbecuing, since it was first introduced in the Americas, was an instant hit with locals. The barbecue allowed townspeople to gather and converse over delicious regional meats. However, with westward expansion and population booms came some challenges like providing enough fuel to supply the barbeque. Welcome two great American inventors: Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. While Mr. Edison and Mr. Ford are known for making their impact on the world with electricity and the automobile, we often forget that Mr Edison designed the first charcoal briquette factory and employed his good friend Henry Ford to build the factory. Ultimately making barbecuing more efficient and accessible. Today, whether you’re using gas or charcoal, barbecuing is a summertime staple enjoyed by many – thanks in part to the inventive minds of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison.

Pork vs Beef

There are many arguments had in smoke houses and BBQ joints as to what meat constitutes real barbecue. Some will say beef others will say pork. It is our opinion that TRUE authentic barbecue is pork. The argument is that original barbecuers of the southern colonies had to rely on the low maintenance nature of pig farming to feed their families. Pigs could be set free within the woods to feed and fend for themselves. The result, a much leaner and tougher meat that needed to be slow roasted on a barbeque. On the other hand, raising cattle in the south was too expensive as the feed and labor required to raise delicious beef was very high. The next time you’re at a bbq join ask for some pulled pork instead of beef and be sure to let them know why.

Today’s Barbeque

With the widespread popularity of barbecuing it is almost impossible to find a cut of meat that has not been barbequed to juicy deliciousness. Todays pit masters and chefs are barbequing chickens, mutton, goats and other 4 legged creatures. Some of the best barbeque in the United States can be found in Memphis, Texas, St. Louis and the Carolinas, each with their own unique sauces and dry rubs.

Our Process

The process at RT 38 is more of a Smokehouse. Using an indirect heat source and different aromatic woods to craft our flavors and textures, rather than cooking over direct heat to achieve a charred crust on the protein. This process goes back thousands of years to the Nordic areas and even Ancient Mesopotamia where smoking meats increased their ability to stay fresh and wholesome. 

Drying, salting, and smoking were a few of the different methods used to assure the population had meats for the lean times.

If you are looking to hang a fang in some seriously delicious, barbequed meats call us or order online today. We incorporate the 4 major styles of American barbeque in our style and preparation of our meats.

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