Rt 38 BBQ


The finest meats, seasoned with the best ingredients and loving patience as the  Maillard reaction takes place.

That is what sets smoked meats apart from other deli and quick service restaurants.

Smokehouses and BBQ shacks commit to preparing their meats in the old fashioned way. Time and skill are needed to consistently prepare their products, taking into account inconsistencies from raw product to raw product.

Controlling temperature, smoke, placement in smoker, all the variables must be considered to craft that joints flavor and texture profile.

RT. 38 BBQ has fashioned our meats to express all of the flavors of its natural deliciousness, heightened by our dry rub blends and the glory of hickory smoke.

A selection of custom created sauces and exceptional sides complete our edible carnal delights. 

Order up and enjoy the ride, on Rt. 38!



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